Freezing in the bedroom? Not with us! With these 5 tricks, the room stays cozy and warm in fall and winter, even without the heating turned up full blast. S you will have the perfect environment to play Bet Chan. It is not just cheaper to use these following steps but also ecological. Of course, you won’t freeze at home but these tips will also make your home cozier. The perfect preparation for the coming cold months. 

A warm apartment is possible despite low heating settings. It just depends on the right tips and tricks. To avoid freezing in the bedroom in autumn and winter, these small changes can help. But a good basis is always to wear your favorite sweater and the warm socks you got from your mother. 


1. seal doors and windows

Cracks and crevices are often not visible at first glance but can cool our home unnecessarily. So if you want to save on heating costs, make sure your windows and doors are well-sealed. You can either have this done by a professional or do it yourself. For example, with the best-selling sealing tape for windows and doors from Zophen.

2. put on thermal underwear

We have already explained to you here why it is not recommended to turn up the heating full blast. In addition, high temperatures can significantly disturb your sleep. Better: invest in good thermal underwear or especially warm comforters. This saves heating costs and keeps us warm at night.

3. heat with candles

Did you know that the flame of a candle can reach temperatures of up to 1,400 degrees? So if you place several of them in your bedroom, you can actually provide a little extra warmth. But be careful: never leave candles unattended. Also, make sure there’s enough distance between them and curtains and the like, and always extinguish candles before going to bed.

4. lay out carpets

Carpets in the bedroom also provide a lot of coziness and a little extra warmth. A lot of heat is lost through the floor! So carpets can help retain heat. Also, they do not pass the cold from below so quickly, because most models have insulation on the underside.

5. install shutters, blinds, or curtains.

You can also use shutters, blinds, or thick curtains in front of the windows to save on heating costs during the cold season and keep your home warmer for longer. Curtains, blinds, and the like act like a protective wall at night, simply keeping drafts and cold out and the warm air in. So-called thermal curtains, e.g. from Pony Dance, are particularly recommended. Due to the special fabric, noises from outside are also optimally shielded, so that a restful sleep is guaranteed.

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